Zilaxo Advanced Pain Solution

Joint Pain makes a huge impact on the functioning and quality of our life. There is an incremental population today, particularly the elderly, who suffer from it at some point in their lifetime. If left untreated, it can cause grave consequences, including deformity of body parts and complete immobility in an individual. Nowadays, even the younger generation suffers from such problems owing to sedentary job styles and lack of physical exercises. We have been in the healthcare industry for more than a decade and have felt an immense need to develop a revolutionary approach for dealing with joint pain related issues appropriately. For this endeavour, highly qualified medical professionals were engaged. After giving deep thought followed by extensive R&D, it was concluded that a more focused and scientifically advanced treatment protocol is required for the sufferer. This led to the decision of starting Zilaxo Advanced Pain Solution, with the unique combination of Super Advanced Physiotherapy, Food Supplement and Homoeopathy.

Zilaxo Advanced Pain Solution does not believe in decimating pain temporarily but aims to eradicate the root cause of the disease in a completely scientific way. With the advent in technology for treatment of such diseases in the western world, Zilaxo Advanced Pain Solution resorted to bringing such advanced and highly scientific technology to eastern India.

Super Advanced Physiotherapy consists of the revolutionary Class IV LASER (Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation), TECAR (Transfer of Capacitive and Resistive Energy) and other ultra modern physiotherapy technologies. The utilised equipments are CE certified as per the directive of MDD in the European Union and also approved by US FDA. These cutting-edge treatment procedures are rare in India. We are extremely quality conscious and want to provide the best to the sufferers; hence all our equipments have been imported from Germany. We are also striving to introduce any latest and advanced technological developments in Zilaxo for the benefit of our patients, as and when available.

Food Supplement is essentially concentrated source of nutrients that fulfil nutritional deficiencies in our body. A majority of people accustomed to modern lifestyle are not conscious of the nutritional value of the food they intake. This often leads to deficiency of essential nutrients, making our body vulnerable to various ailments. If supplemented in a controlled manner, these nutrients not only prevent or protect from diseases, but in many cases may also help in the healing process.