Frequently Asked Questions

QWhy does Zilaxo Advanced Healing Destination use Classical Homoeopathy, Botanical Formulations and Internationally Acclaimed Advanced Physiotherapy?

Looking at the diverse diseases that people get afflicted with nowadays, we recognized the urgency for a complete treatment system to resolve them. After careful research, we at Zilaxo Advanced Healing Destination came to the conclusion that a combination of Classical Homoeopathy, Botanical Formulations and Internationally Acclaimed Advanced Physiotherapy is effective in eradicating diseases by addressing their underlying cause. Classical Homoeopathy acts by strengthening the body's immunity to fight against any disease. Botanical Formulations, which are composed of well-proven pure herbs and safe minerals, are beneficial in combating the underlying cause of the condition. Internationally Acclaimed Advanced Physiotherapy, on the other hand, comprises of various technologically advanced procedures which include US FDA approved Revolutionary Photon Therapy, TECAR, Cryotherapy, Shockwave Therapy and several other physiotherapy technologies. It helps in the rapid development of healthy cells and assists tissue formation around the disease affected area by increasing vasodilation. It also improves lymphatic drainage, responsible for eliminating the various toxic substances causing pain.

QDoes Zilaxo Advanced Healing Destination Treatment process hurt ?

There is nothing which can hurt a patient during their treatment period at Zilaxo Advanced Healing Destination. Even our Internationally Acclaimed Advanced Physiotherapy is 100% pain-free.

QHow long does it take before results can be felt ?

You will feel benefit within just a few days but in some cases, it may take longer depending upon the severity of the condition.

QAre the results long lasting ?

Zilaxo Advanced Healing Destination is all about healing. We do not believe in the short-term relief of a condition but target the underlying cause of disease and heal it completely. When you feel better from this treatment, it's because your condition has improved. Therefore, the results have been found to be very long lasting and in most cases, the issue gets resolved.

QIs there any side effect of the treatment protocol ?

Zilaxo Advanced Healing Destination offers an integrative approach through Classical Homoeopathy, Botanical Formulations and Internationally Acclaimed Advanced Physiotherapy. As far as Classical Homoeopathy is concerned, it has stood the test of time and is being used in India for the last two centuries as an effective and safe method of treatment. Botanical Formulations, on the other hand, targets the underlying cause of pain and eradicates it without any side effect. Internationally Acclaimed Advanced Physiotherapy is a safe and non-invasive treatment procedure whose technology is approved by the US FDA. Overall, this complete treatment protocol is highly efficacious and without any known side effect.