Mr. Ranjit Chakraborty

I found Miracle recovery. My pain & stiffness have gone !!

Mahatam Singh

Now, I am able to walk properly and there is no problem even with sitting or standing !!

Sandhya Garg

My problem of Frozen Shoulder has been solved up to 90%

Mr. Bijan Kr. Sinha

The latest technology of Zilaxo works like a Magic wand !!

Mrs. Kakoli Majhi

Now my knee pain is 75% better !!

Dr. Ravi Kant Saraogi

I got much relief from 15 years old pain and stiffness !!

Rupali Kopti

Daily activities have become much easier !!

Murtaza Zavery

I got relief in just 7 days, Amazing!!

Mrs. Uditi Majumdar

I would definitely suggest people to visit Zilaxo for good results!!

Osman Ali

Now I feel much better than earlier from my knee pain!!

Kauser Jahan

After treatment at Zilaxo, I am able to walk & move pain free !!

Mr. Gopal Kumar

I can feel my knee pain resolved by 95%. Thank you Zilaxo Advanced Pain Solution!!

Mr. Udya Krishna Basu Roy

Today I am pain free !!

Dr Sajjad Hamid Ali Khan

A great boon for the joint pain sufferers !!

Mr. S. K. Mall

After taking therapy, I have recovered from Shoulder Pain !!

Mr. Debashis Banerjee

I have recovered from Painful Condition !!

Shilbhadra Dasgupta

Zilaxo pain therapies are extremely relaxing!!

Suvra Basak

After getting treatment from Zilaxo I am feeling 75% fit !! I hope people who are suffering from pain come to Zilaxo.

Udayan Das

I could feel immense improvement from my acute lower back pain. Thanks to Zilaxo for this miraculous result !!

Shashi Aul

After the medicines, supplements & therapy, I am feeling much much better.!!

Brother Suresh

Whatever they say, they do the work exactly !! It is a noble work for humanity.

I. K. Sen

After attending 9 days of therapy, I am feeling quite active without any pain

Paresh Pradhan

After the course of therapy from Zilaxo, I am free from my knee pain.

Souresh Kr. Chanda

I was suffering from Osteoarthritis and Spondylosis. But now the recovery from my pain is 75% - 80%

Archana Mishra

I have started living a normal life !!

Mr. Harjinder Singh

After treatment, 80% of my 2-year-old knee pain is cured !!

Mr. Chayan Garai

I was suffering from Akylosing Spondylitis for the last 2 years. Now I am Almost 90% fit !!

Mr. Arjun Deshmukh

I strongly recommend this treatment for those suffering from chronic Lower back Pain !!

Mrs. Sakuntala Das

70% of my 15 year old leg pain has gone. I am feeling very comfortable !!

Mr. Nawaldeep Toppo

I would definitely recommend Zilaxo for Chronic Pain !!

Mrs. Nirupa Sahana

The treatment procedure has enabled me a faster and safer recovery !!

Mr. Sanjiv Majumdar

Earlier I was not able to walk properly, but now I am walking comfortably !!

Mrs. Shila Seal

Now I can walk quite well. I am happy with the treatment of Zilaxo !!

Mandira Sen

After treatment from Zilaxo, I can bend my knees, walk fast and climb stairs !!

Sibani Ojha

I was suffering from knee pain since August 2014. After treatment I am very happy and satisfied !!

Mr. Arun Tandon

The treatment of Zilaxo can be said as "miracle of miracles" !!

Malavya Chatterjee

Pain became a nightmare for me, but after treatment from Zilaxo, I am 100% cured !!

Mrs. Alakananda Gupta

I am happy with my treatment of shoulder and knee pain !!

Mr. Sanjit Kr. Dey

Now I am walking freely without any pain !!

Mr. Arshad Hussain

A perfect example of state-of-the-art technology. I congratulate the entire team of Zilaxo for excellent service.

Mr. Arun Kumar Bhattacharjee

I am blessed with the treatment of Zilaxo !!

Mr. Shibaji Roy

Orthopaedic doctors advised me for knee replacement. At Zilaxo I have been made almost painless !!

Mrs. Mamata Ghosh

Within 6 days of treatment, my joint pain has reduced and I feel much better. Thanks to Zilaxo.



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