Treatment for back pain

Unless you are totally immobilized, a restricted range of motion and decreased nerve function are the most obvious signs of back pain. Any kind of back pain treatment must focus on providing relief from pain and gradually restore the range of motion.

If you have back pain, then quickly apply an ice pack on the affected area. The ice will reduce the inflammation and numb the sensation of pain. After the inflammation subsides, you can apply a heat pack in order to soothe muscles and the ligaments. This is a good home-based treatment for back pain.

Usually, complete bed rest is advised for people with back pain. However, too much rest can actually be harmful for the body. After the pain subsides, try to undertake simple, non-strenuous activities. Do some simple stretching exercises in order to strengthen your back muscles.

If the pain refuses to go away even after a week, then it may be an indication of nerve damage. You should seek medical advice from a specialized Joint Pain Management clinic without delay.