Although ligaments are strong and rigid by nature, strains and sudden forces can cause them to rupture and tear along with the adjoining muscle, which is a common sports injury. Damage is caused when the fibres of muscles and ligaments get torn.

Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) tears are the most common sport-related injury to the ligament. The ACL is found in the knee and is crucial for stability. The symptoms of an ACL injury are the feeling of your leg 'giving-way' followed by pain and swelling in the knee. Like with any potential ligament injury, if you feel you may have torn or damaged your ACL, it is crucial that you visit your doctor to confirm the injury and to rule out any other problems. Tears to the ACL if untreated, may result in further damage. These injuries are common in athletes, especially in sports such as football, rugby, hockey and basketball due to the high level of strain put on the knee through pivoting and lateral or twisting movements in the legs.

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