Sprains and Strains are common injuries that share similar signs and symptoms, but involve different parts of your body.

A sprain is a stretching or tearing of ligaments - the tough bands of fibrous tissue that connect one bone to another in your joints. The most common location for a sprain is in your ankle.

A strain is a stretching or tearing of muscle or tendon. A tendon is a fibrous cord of tissue that connects muscles to bones. Strains often occur in the lower back and in the hamstring muscle in the back of your thigh.

Sprains are usually noticeable when they occur. But sometimes a minor sprain will happen without getting noticed. The primary symptoms of sprains include limited mobility, pain, swelling, and bruising.

Strains are often accompanied by pain, cramping, swelling, muscle spasms, and stiffness or soreness in the muscle. As with sprains, you may be aware of the exact movement or activity that created the strain or you may notice symptoms only later on.

The person is at more Risk for sprains and strains are more if somebody:

  • Has a current or prior injury to the muscles or joints.
  • Has a limited flexibility.
  • Is engaged in physical activity beyond his/her ability.
  • Has failed to properly warm up before strenuous physical activity.

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